Our Sow Farms

Win Productions LLC, headquartered in Valley City, Illinois, has generations of experience producing the best possible weaner pigs. We seek to provide our wean to market customers with great weaner pigs, so they can succeed. On-farm, we provide excellent pig welfare while caring for the environment. The production methods we use are both sustainable and also based on sound science. We want our pigs to be healthy, so our customers’ pigs are healthy. Along the way, we value our sow farm employees, encourage their development and reward their performance. Currently, Win Productions LLC manages over 30,000 sows at 11 production facilities. Check out the full timeline of our company history below.


We are a 3rd generation family farm. We are rooted in livestock and grain farming and are proud to provide jobs to our community. We value hard work and getting the job done in a way that is good for our people, good for the pigs, and good for the community.



Owners of Win Productions, located in Griggsville, IL, began as two 300 sow units and one 30-50 head purebred unit.


A decade later, Brian Bradshaw returned to the farm. He expanded our sow herd to 150 sows in Griggsville, IL.


Gilt multiplication for Premier Breeding Systems was established with 800 sows.


Gilt multiplication was expanded to 1,200 sows.


Gilt multiplication was expanded to 3,600 sows.


Win Pro Sow Farm, near Winchester, IL, houses 2,500 sows.


Red Oak wean-to-finish site, near Griggsville, IL, houses 5,000 head.


Bradshaw Finishers wean-to-finish site, near Griggsville, IL, houses 5,000 head.


Sand Stone wean-to-finish site, near Bluffs, IL, houses 15,000 head.


Winning Edge Sow Farm , near Beardstown, IL, houses 3,800 sows.


Victory Lane Sow Farm, near Griggsville, IL, houses 1,400 sows.


Sure Win Sow Farm, near Astoria, IL, houses 2,700 sows.


We expanded into Indiana in 2012 with the addition of Blue Moon Sow Farm which is a 3000 sow farm near Petersburg, IN.


In 2014, we added Lyons Sow Farm near Lyons, IN, a 2600 sow farm.


Red Oak Sow Farm, near Griggsville, IL, houses 2,800 sows.


Mossy Oak Sow Farm, near Griggsville, IL, houses 2,800 sows.


Hendricks is a 4,800 gilt unit for Red Oak and Mossy Oak sow units.

Hendrick is one of three sites that make up the North Pike system. It is located near Griggsville, IL.


We exanded our Win Pro sow unit from 2,500 to 7,800 sows. Win Pro also has a full gilt development unit. All are located near Winchester, IL.


We plan to expand Winning Edge Sow Farm from 3,800 to 5,200 sows. Winning Edge is located near Beardstown, IL. We will be seeking more sow farm employees as we approach this growth opportunity.

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